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I want to do the harvest, do you hire staff during the harvest?

Our team is complete, we do not recruit harvesters on our vineyard. 

To make the harvest in Gironde, the best is to contact the adefa Gironde which lists the supply and demand.

You can try specialized sites like vinomedia.fr or vitijob.com, the latter is very active.
The specialized newspaper “Viti” also proposes a site with a section for the grape harvest: www.emploi-viticole.com

Wine unions are also an excellent source of information. A directory of unions is published by vinup.com and vinomedia.fr 

A little tip, the appellations most likely to hire grape pickers are :

  • the most prestigious (communal appellations of the Médoc, St Emilion, Pomerol, Burgundy grands crus, etc.)
  • those where the harvest is necessarily manual (Champagne, crémants, sweet wines, Beaujolais, etc…)
  • those located on hillsides, where a machine cannot access (some plots in Savoie, Alsace, Rhone Valley)

You should know that if the harvest is a celebration, it is also physically hard work, which requires a certain amount of meticulousness.
The winegrower who has worked all year long for his harvest expects you to be punctual, serious and efficient.

With this prerequisite, you will live unforgettable moments of sharing, and you will never look at a bottle of wine the same way again …