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What is an organic wine ?

An organic wine respects specific rules certified by a control body.
In August 2019, we have decided to convert the entire estate to organic, a demanding process.

In the vineyard, the producer does not use synthetic chemicals:

  • grass is controlled by mechanical means (there are no organic weed killers)
  • the products that can be used to manage fungal diseases are very limited (mainly sulphur and copper in very low doses)
  • only fertilisers of natural origin are authorised (manure, plant compost, green manures, etc.)
  • no GMOs
  • in the near future, the vine plants themselves must be certified organic.

In the cellar, the list of inputs is reduced:

  • each oenological product must be on a list that can be used in organic winemaking
  • the doses of sulphites authorised in the wine are lower than in conventional wine.
  • no GMOs

Organic farming is defined by European regulations, and managed in France by two bodies: the INAO (technical and regulatory part) and the Agence Bio (promotion of the sector).
Producers who commit themselves are audited by certification bodies (OC) which are themselves approved by the INAO.
Many organisations supervise organic producers.
We are members of “vignerons bio nouvelle aquitaine” which contributes to promotion, helps with marketing, participates in the evolution of the regulations and provides technical support.

Certified organic wine has existed officially since 2012.
Before 2012, only the grapes were included in the scope of certification.
The organic winemaker would therefore state “wine made from organically grown grapes” on the label.

In viticulture, the producer must respect the organic regulation during a 36-month conversion period before he can label the first harvest “organic wine” with the AB logo and the European leaf.
The wines of our family estate will be certified and labelled “produced in conversion to organic farming” for the 2020 and 2021 vintages.
From the 2022 vintage, our productions will be “organic wine” labelled “AB”.

To find out more: our conversion to organic farming.