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Le Malbec de Lestang Bordeaux Rouge - Organic Conversion

Forget the codes of modern society and follow your instinct in this wine impulse from the Bordeaux region. The reason is no more, the wild is expressed. A plunge into the unknown that doesn’t follow any rules. Spontaneous, piquant, spicy, it has drawn its balance from the top of Lestang’s hitherto untamed hilltop. Nature, without ever being entirely conquered, has allowed itself to be softened.

Thirsty again? Its strong personality turns into an irresistible need, an almost electric state for your taste buds. As fascinating as it is sanguine, as bestial as it is ferocious, it stirs the palate. The visceral takes over and carries you away in a whirlwind of emotions. Let yourself be guided by this primal bottle and its incredible feeling of freedom. The Malbec comes out with its fangs. Will you be able to tame it?


Malbec 100%


Soil : Chalky-clay hill ” La Croupe de Lestang “.


The robe is very deep with purple nuances.The nose is expressive, floral, with nuances of violet, blackcurrant, scents of ripe fruits, while keeping a beautiful freshness.The attack is ample, dense. Well concentrated wine with smooth, ripe and coated tannins. The floral side very present with a long retro-olfaction.