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Encore Soif

Le Merlot de Lestang Bordeaux Rouge - Organic Conversion

Let’s face it: when you uncork this bottle, you are making a commitment for 75cl.
I am the wine, I am round, I am warm, it goes by itself. Drink me, I’m made for it.
Convivial, social lubricant, I am certainly alcohol, but not only. A drink that is thousands of years old, my codes are rooted in a tradition that is constantly being renewed. Many generations of winemakers have created me, and just as many poets have praised and declaimed me.
Let me warm your heart, while taking care to keep your composure, because I can provoke powerful hallucinations, including the appearance of chimerical creatures that one sometimes meets on the magnificent parcel of the croup of Lestang which gave birth to me.


Merlot 100%


Soil : Chalky-clay hill ” La Croupe de Lestang “.


Deep red color with a beautiful brightness.
Expressive nose with a precise fruitiness: cherry, morello cherry, very ripe black fruits.
In the mouth: beautiful density, ample attack, fruit, freshness until the finish.
Greedy wine with coated tannins, with a beautiful persistence.


Gold Medal Bordeaux 2023
Bordeaux Pirate selection