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White wine vinification

The white grape varieties (Semillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle) are harvested first, usually around September 10.

They are destemmed, then vatted for about ten hours, during which the grape juice remains in contact with the skins: this is the pre-fermentation pellicular maceration.

The juices are then separated from the skins (draining, then pressing) to reach their settling tank.

The clear must obtained after settling ferments at a low temperature (16 to 18°C), which preserves the aromas. Indeed, it is during fermentation that the aroma precursors are transformed into aromas.

The maturing of the white wine on its lees, with frequent stirring of the lees at the end of fermentation, will help to structure the wine and stabilize the aromas contained in the lees.

After 5 to 6 months of ageing, our white wines are fined and filtered. The tartaric precipitation operation is the last phase before bottling, generally at the beginning of the spring following the harvest.